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10 Woody Allen movies

14 Jan

1. Annie Hall (1977). Alvy Singer, a neurotic comedian finds his match in Annie Hall. After a clumsy beginning, the two of them end up on a date, in his bed and in the middle of a relationship that will have a big impact on their lives, especially on Alvy’s. Starring: Diane Keaton, Woody Allen.



2. Manhattan (1979). Isaac Davis, a twice-divorced New York writer falls in love with his best friend’s mistress, while he is dating a 17 year old girl. More than a story of obsessions and frustrations, of confusion and bad relationships, the film should be seen as Allen’s reverence to the city he loves.



3. Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) begins and ends with a Thanksgiving dinner. Between them, a story of love, adultery, discontent, frustration and dysfunctional families. Starring: Mia Farrow, Michael Caine, Woody Allen, Barbara Hershey and Dianne Wiest.



4. Husbands and Wives (1992). Jack and Sally, during a dinner in Gabe and Judy’s apartment, announce their separation shocking Gabe and hurting Judy. The latter begin analyzing their marriage, discovering that they might not be meant to stay together either.



5. Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993). Larry Lipton, a N.Y.C. book editor doubts his wife’s suspicions that their neighbor killed his wife. Bored and always looking for adventures, Carol embarks in a quest to find the truth and to prove the woman was killed by her husband. Eventually, Larry is convinced too and they both work together to catch him. Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton.



6. Everyone Says I Love You (1996) is a musical film starring: Julia Roberts, Alan Alda, Edward Norton, Drew Barrymore, Tim Roth, Goldie Hawn, Natalie Portman and Natasha Lyonne.



7. Match Point (2005). Chris Wilton, a Irish tennis player is engaged to be married to a wealthy woman, his friend’s sister Chloe Hewett. During a family gathering, he meets Nola his friend’s fiancée and they both feel attracted to each other. They soon start an affair that will ruin lives. Starring: Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Scarlett Johansson, Matthew Goode, Emily Mortimer.



8. Scoop (2006) is a comedy drama about a would-be reporter who scoops a big story about the wealthy and handsome son of a well-known aristocrat who is supposedly leading a double life. Starring: Woody Allen, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johansson.



9. You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010). Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) leaves his wife Helena (Gemma Jones) to pursue his lost youth and marry the call girl named Charmaine. Helena meets the charlatan fortune teller Cristal Delgiorno and starts following her advices.



10. Midnight in Paris (2011). Gil Pender, a successful Hollywood screenwriter, while on a vacation to his beloved city Paris, ends up traveling back in time where he meets the great literary and artistic figures of the 1920’s and gets advice on his novel from Gertrude Stein.




10 of the best Robert de Niro movies

11 Jan

1. Mean Streets (1973). Directed by Martin Scorsese and released by Warner Bros, the film tells the story of a young man named Charlie who tries to move up in the New York mafia.



2. The Godfather: Part II (1974) continues the story of the Corleones, with Michael Corleone now in charge of the family business. In parallel, the film tells a second story, that of the young Vito Corleone, and how he succeeded in becoming the most feared mafia boss (Robert de Niro).



3. Taxi Driver (1976). Chronically alone and mentally unstable war veteran Travis Bickle, drives a cab throughout New York, and makes it his goal to “clean” the “scum” (pimps, prostitutes, drug dealers) off the streets of the city.



4. Raging Bull (1980) is a biographical film based on the memoir Raging Bull: My Story by Jake LaMotta, an Italian American boxer who’s rage and aggressive behavior outside the ring torn apart his family.



5. Once Upon a Time in America (1984) tells the story of David “Noodles” Aaronson and his Jewish pals, chronicling their childhoods on New York’s Lower East Side in the 1920s, through their gangster careers in the 1930s, and culminating in Noodles’ 1968 return to New York from self-imposed exile, at which time he learns the truth about the fate of his friends and again confronts the nightmare of his past.(RottenTomatoes)



6. The Untouchables (1987)- an account of the battle between gangster Al Capone and lawman Eliot Ness during the Prohibition Era.



7. Goodfellas (1990). Adapted from Nicolas Pileggi’s best-selling Wiseguy- the true-life account of mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill- the story details the rise and fall of Hill, a half-Irish, half-Sicilian New York kid who grows up idolizing the “wise guys” in his impoverished Brooklyn neighborhood. (RottenTomatoes)



8. Cape Fear (1991). Released from prison after serving 14 years for sexual assault, Max Cady begins harassing Sam Bowden (the lawyer who defended him) and his family because Bowden buried a report that would have in all likelihood acquitted Cady of the charges against him.



9. Heat (1995). Career criminal Neil McCauley (Robert de Niro) and his crew are chased by Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino), a dedicated policeman obsessed with catching them.



10. Ronin (1998). Former CIA officer Sam and four other veterans of special operations units receive the mission to attack a heavily armed convoy and steal a briefcase, the contents of which are not identified.



Sources: IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes.

5 iconic Chanel

10 Jan

1. The Chanel Suit


2. The Chanel Black Dress


3. Chanel No. 5


4. The Chanel Bag


5. The movie: Coco before Chanel (2009)

10 great Al Pacino movies

9 Jan

1. The Godfather (1972). Based on a script written by Mario Puzo, the author of the eponymous book, and directed by one of the best directors of all times, Francis ford Coppola, the movie tells the story of the Corleones, a powerful New York crime family. With the participation of two exceptional actors, Marlon Brando and Al Pacino (who was rejected initially), The Godfather had a strong impact on the public at large and is now considered one of the greatest movies ever made.


2. The Godfather part II (1974) continues the story of the Corleones, with Michael Corleone now in charge of the family business.


3. The Godfather part III finds Don Michael Corleone wracked with guilt for his past decisions, and in the midst of trying to legitimize his business dealings as he promised years before. Coppola, who initially wanted to name the movie The Death of Michael Corleone but was rejected by the studio, stated that The Godfather series is in fact two films, and Part III is the epilogue.


4. The Panic in Needle Park (1971) portrays life among a group of heroin addicts who hang out in “Needle Park” and the love story between two of them, Bobby and Helen.


5. Bobby Deerfield (1977). Deerfield, an American race car driver on the European circuit  is obsessing about a recent deadly accident his friend had. On his quest to find out why the accident happened, he meets and falls in love with a mysterious woman who is terminally ill.


6. Serpico (1973) tells the story of a honest cop who tries to find his place in the NY police and to expose corruption in the force. The script was based on the biography of Frank Serpico, an NYPD officer, and covers twelve years (from 1960 to June 15, 1972) of his life.


7. Dog Day Afternoon (1975). The film was inspired by P.F. Kluge’s article “The Boys in the Bank”, which tells the story of the robbery of a Brooklyn bank by John Wojtowicz and Salvatore Naturile on August 22, 1972.


8. Scarface (1983). Directed by Brian de Palma and written by Oliver Stone, with Al Pacino as the main character, Scarface represents one of the masterpieces of the american cinematography. Dedicated to the director (Howard Hawks) and the screenwriter (Ben Hecht) of the original 1932 version, the film tells the story of a Cuban refugee who comes to Miami in 1980, and becomes a drug cartel kingpin during the cocaine boom of the 80s.


9. The Devil’s Advocate (1997). Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves), a defense attorney in Florida, who has never lost a case, is approached by a representative of the New York law firm Milton, Chadwick & Waters, who offers him a large sum of money to help the firm with a jury selection. Satisfied by the outcome of the trial, Milton (Al Pacino) offers him a job at his firm, a big salary and a luxurious apartment. Although prevented by his mother that nothing good will come out of it, he is too greedy to refuse the offer and moves to Manhattan with his wife. Soon after, the problems begin to disturb their perfect lives.


10. Chinese Coffee (2000) is one of the three movies directed by Al Pacino (so far). He plays the role of Harry Levine, an unsuccessful writer in his forties, who struggles to escape misery. The action takes place mostly in his friend’s Jake Manheim apartment (a photographer who missed his chance at being a writer) where they argue about money, relationships, their friendship and Harry’s book.