10 Films Noir- part one

16 Jan

1. Sunset Blvd. (1950). Joe Gillis, an unsuccessful screenwriter ducks into the garage of an apparently abandoned Sunset Boulevard mansion. While exploring the house, a woman inside calls to him. He recognizes her as long-forgotten silent-film star Norma Desmond. When she acknowledges  that he is a writer, she invites him in and asks for his opinion on a script she has written for a film that she hopes will revive her faded acting career. Joe finds the script hopeless, but he flatters Norma because he needs money and has no place to go, and he becomes her editor. Starring: William Holden, Gloria Swanson and Erich von Stroheim.



2. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946). Frank Chambers, a drifter who stops at a rural diner for a meal, ends up working there and falling in love with the owner’s wife, Cora. Bored in a marriage with a man she doesn’t love, she soon starts an affair with Frank. Together, they scheme to murder her husband in order to start a new life together without her losing the diner.

Starring: Lana Turner, John Garfield and Cecil Kellaway.



3. Mildred Pierce (1945). Mildred, a housewife and mother of two girls, divorces her husband and becomes a business woman to satisfy the increasingly expensive needs of her spoiled oldest daughter. But no effort is enough, and their story ends in tragedy. Starring: Joan Crawford, Jack Carson and Zachary Scott.



4. The Big Sleep (1946). Private detective Philip Marlowe is hired by the wealthy General Sternwood who wants him to resolve gambling debts his daughter, Carmen owes to bookseller Arthur Gwynn Geiger. But the story has more layers, and things soon start to become more complicated for the detective. Starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.



5. The Glass Key (1942). The crooked politician Paul Madvig decides to clean up his past, refusing the support of the gangster Nick Varna and associating to the respectable reformist politician Ralph Henry after falling in love with Henry’s daughter, Janet. Starring: Alan Ladd, Veronika Lake and Brian Donlevy.



6. Whirlpool (1949). A woman secretly suffering from kleptomania is hypnotized in an effort to cure her condition. Soon afterwards, she is found at the scene of a murder with no memory of how she got there and seemingly no way to prove her innocence. (IMDb synopsis) Starring: Gene Tierney, Richard Conte and José Ferrer.



7. They Live by Night (1948). Based on the novel Thieves Like Us by Edward Anderson, the film tells the story of a fugitive couple who try to escape their past but they are forced by the circumstances to repeat their mistakes. Starring: Cathy O’Donnell, Farley Granger.



8. Night and the City (1950). Harry Fabian, a small-time grifter, plans to take control of the professional wrestling game from promoter Kristo by manipulating him through his father. Starring: Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney.



9. The Big Heat (1953). A cop takes on the crime syndicate that controls his city after the brutal murder of his wife. Starring: Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame.



10. Double Indemnity (1944). Phyllis Dietrichson seduces insurance agent Walter Neff into murdering her husband to collect his accident policy. The murder goes as planned, but after a while each becomes suspicious of the other’s motives. Neff’s boss further complicates things when he takes over the investigation. Starring: Fred MacMurray, Barbara Stanwyck.




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